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Frequency 101

Mar 20, 2022

OOOOOh Booooy!  Do we have a show for you!  Pretty competetive month where we rejected two pilots but put in 6, that's rare!

Listen and vote:


Vote before Saturday 3/26. The five winners will go on to the next episode. The rest will be canceled.  Join us for a back to back screening with Channel 101 this Saturday live on Twitch 7:30pm PST digital doors, Saturday Mar. 26th @

Submit your own five minute or less audio pilot on our new website or send to

In this episode:

This Month's host, Ghosters the Wrestler

1. Farah Tunk's Listening to Old Video Tapes in Her Closet SHOW
2. The Complete History of Dodgeball Ep. 6 (Self Canceled)
3. My Name is Jonan
4. Stripper Squad Ep. 12
5. Mostly Underwater Sea Inquiries
6. Guitar Improv 101
7. Jurassic Fart Ep. 3
8. The Hooba Hooba Ep. 3
9. Paul Pederson
10. Ghosters Ep. 15
11. High Frequency