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Frequency 101

Feb 20, 2023

Hey look we've been redeemed!  5 new pilots!  Now we're cookin.

Listen and vote:


Vote before Saturday 2/25. The five winners will go on to the next episode. The rest will be canceled.  Join us at 1:01 PM Pacific time this Saturday the 25th live on Twitch @

The day before is the Channel 101 screening, live on Twitch as well 7:30 doors.  An in-person screening is also happening at The Virgil in Los Angeles.

Submit your own five minute or less audio pilot on our new website or send to

In this episode:

  1. Sadist Diner

  2. Blood Blade Ep. 3

  3. Rebecca’s Way

  4. Turner Rejected Movies Ep. 5

  5. Sakaturo

  6. Dr. Frequenstein Ep. 3

  7. Ghost Detective

  8. Boltzmannburger Ep. 2

  9. Copious Notes on a Skeletal Transformation

  10. Farah Tunk's Listening to Old Video Tapes in Her Closet Show Ep. 9 - Finale