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Frequency 101

Apr 5, 2023

Another month another... long time before the episode came out...  This is an odd time of the year for sure.  Get your submissions in early for the April screening.  There might be a sliver of time to make them, or maybe there won't.  We'll see.

Listen and vote:


Vote before Saturday 4/8. The five winners will go on to the next episode. The rest will be canceled.  Join us at 1:01 PM Pacific time this Saturday the April 8th live on Twitch @

The day before, April 7th, is the Channel 101 screening, live on Twitch as well 6:30 doors.  An in-person screening is also happening at The Virgil in Los Angeles.

Submit your own five minute or less audio pilot on our new website or send to

In this episode:

  1. This Sticky Little Guy 

  2. Blood Blade, Episode 4

  3. Sci Fibles 

  4. Ghost Detective Episode 2

  5. Copious Notes On a Skeletal Transformation,  Episode 2

  6. Erotic Fiction for the Midwest Suburban Reader, Episode 2

  7. Pokernate

  8. Turner Rejected Movies, Episode 6 - Finale